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Huffington Post Names Chile One of the Top Destinations in South America

According to the The Huffington Post, Chile is an optimal vacation spot with 4 destinations being in the top 23 destinations in all of South America.

NEW YORK, USA — The Huffington post coined Chile in its article “23 Latin American Destinations That Prove There’s A Lot More To See Than Rio And Buenos Aires” as a huge success, with 4 of the top destinations in South America being in Chile: Torres del Paine, Viña del Mar, San Pedro de Atacama and Easter Island. The American journal described these places and their surreal qualities.

#6: Torres del Paine.
As we saw in many I love Chile articles, Torres del Paine is one of the favorite destinations of tourists (and also for Chileans). Incredible landscapes, mountains, glaciers, rivers and lakes, in the wonderful Chilean Patagonia.  There are many activities, such as hiking, kayaking, visiting the glacier national park by boat. According to the Huffington post’s ranking, Torres del Paine is better than the Argentinean glacier neighbor el Calafate and El Perito Moreno (#9).

Torres del Paine National Park is one of many attractions for adventure tourism in Chile. Photo: Patagonian International Marathon

#7: Viña del Mar
The famous beach of the V Region is seen as a pleasant beach town on Chile’s central coast. Tourists can enjoy sand dunes, learn surfing and enjoy the eccentricities of the city.

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Vina del mar beach. Photo:Baloo rch

#13: San Pedro de Atacama
In the middle of nowhere the vast desert affords gorgeous views of canyons, sand, and at night an endless star-scape sweeping over the bleached rocks. Many tourists enjoy horseback riding through the desert or doing sand surfing.

Sunset in Valle de la Muerte, in San Pedro de Atacama.
Photo: Julia Lefebvre

#15: Easter Island
Situated a couple thousand miles west of Chile’s central coast, this Polynesian Island is incomparable to any other because of the hundreds of Moai statues. It’s not the easiest place to get to, and we have to acknowledge that few tourists and Chileans have had the luck (or privilege) to go there, because of the high price of flights and hotels, and also the few scheduled flights offered to go there, but as a landmark this one has put Chile on the map.

Easter Island – Photo by Ian Sewell

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